Summer Survival Tips

Have Some Summer Fun and Beat the Phoenix Heat This Summer The summertime might be full of fun, but the heat can get unbearable at times. Luckily, there are ways to protect your family from the Phoenix sun. With a few simple tips, you can make sure that you are prepared for a cool, enjoyable […]

Papago Park

The oddly shaped Buttes of Papago Park are easily recognized natural landmarks within central Arizona. The park preserves its small piece of the Sonoran Desert within the urban metropolis that is Phoenix, Arizona and its suburbs. The land is shared between two cities with most of Papago Park located in southeastern Phoenix, and the remaining […]

Phoenix Dispensary Challenged

Phoenix Residents Sue Over Marijuana Dispensery   Two Phoenix residents are suing the Phoenix Board of Adjustment, because of a medical marijuana facility that was approved to open in their neighborhood. In April, the board overrode the city and let the marijuana dispensary open in the proximity of Glendale Avenue and 16th Street. It did […]

Phoenix Facts and Statistics 2018-2019

7 Facts That You May Not Know About Phoenix in 2018 The city of Phoenix is a booming metropolitan, hidden in the desert of Arizona. Many don’t think of the city being full of a vital population, incredible nightlife, and terrific arts scene with outdoor opportunities surrounding the area. They just think that it’s hot […]

The Porch

Arcadia The Porch Arcadia – Tag your AZ Instagram pics on a big blue chair. There you are nursing a hangover on a Sunday in July skipping past the news alerts of dust storms on your iphone 11xl. This same girl has a pic of an adorably large deckchair and a hash tag of the […]